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Pain Relief and Wellness: Exploring the Benefits of Dry Needling for Seniors

dry needling therapy that can help on seniors

Quick Navigation IntroductionUnderstanding Dry Needling: Unveiling the BasicsBenefits of Dry Needling for SeniorsEffective Pain ReliefEnhanced Range of MotionImproved Muscle FunctionStress ReductionAccelerated HealingTailored to Individual NeedsSafety ConsiderationsMinimal DiscomfortReduced Medication DependencyTemporary Side EffectsThorough Assessment Before Dry NeedlingConclusion IntroductionAging gracefully often comes with a few aches and pains, but that doesn’t mean seniors have to accept discomfort as […]

Empowering Seniors: How Physical Therapy Can Help Manage Urinary Incontinence In Seniors

medicine tablets for incontinence | urinary Incontinence in seniors

Quick Navigation Urinary Incontinence In SeniorsUnderstanding Urinary Incontinence in SeniorsThe Role of Physical TherapyAssessment and Individualized CarePelvic Floor Muscle TrainingBiofeedback and Neuromuscular ReeducationBladder Training TechniquesLifestyle Modifications for Improved Bladder ControlFunctional Exercises for Real-Life SituationsCollaboration for Comprehensive CareLong-Term Benefits and Improved Quality of LifeUrinary Incontinence in Seniors: Conclusion Urinary Incontinence In SeniorsUrinary incontinence is a common […]

3 Myths About Super-Agers that Need to be Busted

3 Myths About Super-Agers that Need to be Busted

When it comes to super-aging, people are quick to believe it’s like winning the lottery. That super-agers have super-human powers that help them defy time.  Quick Navigation Here are three myths about super-agers that need to be busted.Let’s bust myth #1. Not all super-agers have won the genetic lottery. Let’s bust myth #2. Not all super-agers […]

Long-Term Care and The Pandemic: What Caregivers Should Know

Long-Term Care and The Pandemic What Caregivers Should Know

Family caregivers of seniors who are living with disabilities and illnesses have one of the toughest jobs in the world. So it’s no wonder that these hardworking and compassionate people have been feeling especially pressured as the pandemic continues. As the world returns to life as usual, caregivers may still face challenges and questions around finding […]

Grief and Alzheimer’s: How to Help Your Senior Loved One Cope with the Loss of Their Spouse

hand with red flower a featured image of a blog post how to help your senior loved one cope with the loss of their spouse

Alzheimer’s is a terrifying disease that affects approximately 44 million people worldwide. As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, the fact that Alzheimer’s remains so common is truly heartbreaking. In fact, if you’re reading this, you probably already know what it’s like to care for a senior with Alzheimer’s. At some point, you’ll most likely […]

Super-Agers Around the World

old woman smiling - super agers around the world

There are a lot of super-agers around the world. You may know someone yourself. That awe-inspiring elderly person you see running around like they are middle-aged may seem like an anomaly, but they aren’t.  Quick Navigation 5 Places “Blue Zones” Where in the World’s Super-agers LivesIkaria, GreeceOkinawa, JapanOgliastra Region, SardiniaLoma Linda, CaliforniaNicoya Peninsula, Costa RicaThere’s […]

What’s a Super-Ager and Why Would You Want to be One?

what is a super-ager man

Super-ager is the term used to describe men and women ages 70 and above who, despite their chronological age, have the mind and body of someone decades younger. While their counterparts see a decline in their minds and/or bodies as they age, super-agers seem to be holding steady. Quick Navigation Who Are Super-Agers?Why Would You Want […]

Top 15 Exercise Videos & Equipment for Seniors 2021

Top 15 Exercise Videos & Equipment for Seniors 2021

Exercise is an important aspect to maintain good health at any age. Exercise has been shown to help prevent and manage chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. There are a lot of benefits for seniors who exercise, but it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to work out. […]

Top 21 Walkers for Seniors This 2021

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For seniors dealing with balance or mobility issues, walkers are a safe, flexible, and cost-effective way to help maintain an active lifestyle. We compiled this list of the best basic and some heavy-duty, wheeled walkers and rollators to help you find the one that best fits your needs and budget. We analyzed product specifications, price, and customer […]