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3 Myths About Super-Agers that Need to be Busted

3 Myths About Super-Agers that Need to be Busted

When it comes to super-aging, people are quick to believe it’s like winning the lottery. That super-agers have super-human powers that help them defy time.  Quick Navigation Here are three myths about super-agers that need to be busted.Let’s bust myth #1. Not all super-agers have won the genetic lottery. Let’s bust myth #2. Not all super-agers […]

Super-Agers Around the World

old woman smiling - super agers around the world

There are a lot of super-agers around the world. You may know someone yourself. That awe-inspiring elderly person you see running around like they are middle-aged may seem like an anomaly, but they aren’t.  Quick Navigation 5 Places “Blue Zones” Where in the World’s Super-agers LivesIkaria, GreeceOkinawa, JapanOgliastra Region, SardiniaLoma Linda, CaliforniaNicoya Peninsula, Costa RicaThere’s […]

What’s a Super-Ager and Why Would You Want to be One?

what is a super-ager man

Super-ager is the term used to describe men and women ages 70 and above who, despite their chronological age, have the mind and body of someone decades younger. While their counterparts see a decline in their minds and/or bodies as they age, super-agers seem to be holding steady. Quick Navigation Who Are Super-Agers?Why Would You Want […]