Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a home health agency?

No. Our business is a private practice, which is the same as those,therapists working in outpatient therapy clinics.

Does the patient need to be homebound to have physical therapy at home?

No. That rule only applies to home health agencies. Since we are in private practice, our therapists are allowed to see Medicare patients in their homes regardless of the homebound status.

What are the advantages of having therapy in the home versus therpay at a clinic ?

There are many. First, older patients will not have to worry about driving or getting a ride to a clinic 2-3 times a week. Second, it is more effective for therapists to actually see the limitations & problems senior patients face at home than to try to simulate them in the clinic. Third, patients receive our 100% undivided attention at home, something they won’t always receive in a busy outpatient clinic.

Why should we choose your group over the other therapy providers?

Because we specialize in working with seniors over the age of 65, something most other clinics can’t attest to. Patients will always see the same licensed therapist each visit. Rest assured you are getting the best therapy out there.

What does it take to get started with in-home therapy?

Colorado is a direct access state meaning you are not required to see a physician prior to seeing a physical therapist for an examination & treatment.

A prescription for therapy is optional & encourage from the patient’s doctor. This means the patient can either contact his or her M.D. first and ask for a prescription to be faxed over to us, or the patient can contact us directly and we can secure a prescription from the M.D. Please give us a call for more information.