Long-Term Care and The Pandemic: What Caregivers Should Know

Long-Term Care and The Pandemic What Caregivers Should Know

Family caregivers of seniors who are living with disabilities and illnesses have one of the toughest jobs in the world. So it’s no wonder that these hardworking and compassionate people have been feeling especially pressured as the pandemic continues. 

As the world returns to life as usual, caregivers may still face challenges and questions around finding care for an aging loved one, paying for that care and overcoming the emotional impacts of overseeing such a major life transition. 

To help answer them, check out this guide filled with tips, recommendations and resources. 

Selling a Home Can Help With Care Costs

One of the first things that may come to mind when thinking about long-term care is cost. That’s for very good reason, because the average cost of long-term senior care continues to increase across the country. How much you will pay for your loved one’s care will depend on where you live, what sort of care is needed, and whether the senior in question has the right insurance. 

Long-term care insurance is often the best way to pay for long-term care, but policies are expensive and can come with exclusions. This is why so many seniors and caregivers seek out alternative means to pay, including VA benefits, life insurance and selling a home. 

To get started on the last option, use a home value estimator to answer the question, “What’s the value of my house?” Then, look for a reputable real estate agent in your area who can help you initiate the selling process.

Touring Communities Can Provide Peace of Mind 

As well as costs, caregivers may also be concerned about the safety of loved ones who need long-term care during the pandemic. Since seniors and those with certain chronic health conditions are more at risk for severe coronavirus complications, this is understandable. Yet, caregivers should rest assured that facilities are taking this very seriously. 

It’s always a good idea for caregivers to tour potential long-term care and/or senior housing before making a commitment. Keep in mind that you may need to settle for virtual tours. You should confirm current policies around visitations, as well as cleaning, residential safety and other COVID-19 protocols. 

If you’re not quite comfortable moving your loved one into assisted living, you can also consider in-home care or even a more specialized nursing home. The former may be best for seniors who only need help with their ADLs or activities of daily living, while a skilled nursing facility is often the best fit for aging family members who have more acute health care needs. 

Hiring Professionals Can Save Caregivers Stress 

The next most common concern for caregivers? Managing a move while also keeping their aging loved one protected from pandemic threats. More often than not, caregivers may need to enlist the help of professional movers to handle packing and relocating their family member’s belongings. Search “moving company near me” to find highly rated pros in your area. Remember, you will want to book a company early to avoid disruptions and you should also make sure movers are being Covid-safe when inside the home. 

Planning ahead could also mean ensuring your loved one is vaccinated before the scheduled move. By now, seniors are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and boosters throughout the U.S., and doing so will reduce the risk of becoming seriously ill after coming into contact with movers. 

Making long-term care decisions, keeping seniors safe and planning for such a big move can be so very stressful for caregivers. Especially while the pandemic is still a factor. Give yourself plenty of time to make these decisions and plans, and also be patient with your loved one.

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