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August / September 2020 Medical Mission Trip

Dear Friends and Family,

I have recently committed to go on a medical mission trip this summer to the middle east Asia window with an organization that focuses its ministry on the unreached people groups of the 1040 Window. Over the past decade, they’ve sent thousands of short term missionaries like me to dozens of countries on short-term trips called Field Operation, or FO. This summer, God convicted my heart when I saw the need for workers in His harvest, and I have committed to sharing the Gospel with people who have never heard.

During FO, my team and I will be traveling to many different cities in Asia minor window, meeting and making friends with the local people, sharing the life of Jesus Christ and proclaiming the good news of God's Kingdom. Just like Jesus commanded his disciples to do in Luke 10. I am thankful for the privilege of sharing the Gospel  in an unreached nation and allowing God to change my life and heart in the process.

My team and I cannot accomplish this task alone, and we sincerely need your prayers. I am praying that I will meet people that God has prepared to hear the Gospel and have the boldness in sharing the Gospel.

If you have questions, I would love to share more with you in person. Your prayer and support are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for partnering with me in the Lord’s high commission!

P.S. I will be leaving third week of August 2020 to Middle East Asia.


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