Arm paralyzed by stroke, injury or disease?

You may be able to use it again.

Even if you haven’t moved your hand and arm in years due to stroke, MyoPro® may be able to help you regain everyday function.

Feed yourself, cook, carry objects, do household tasks, return to work, or hobbies.

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Stroke Recovery – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MyoPro device work?

The MyoPro arm brace has sensors that rest on the surface of the skin, designed to detect even faint muscle signals. When a stroke patient with a weakened or partially paralyzed arm attempts an arm movement, this fires off a muscle signal. When the sensor picks up these signals, the robotics in the arm brace engage to assist in completing the intended movement.

Do only recent stroke victims qualify for the MyoPro only helpful for recent stroke victims? 

As long as even faint muscle signals remain, the MyoPro can be used for those who have suffered a stroke years prior. We have found that virtually all stroke victims still have sufficient muscle signals available for MyoPro to detect.

Does the MyoPro assist with stroke therapy and rehabilitation?

Research is increasingly providing evidence that repeated practice with an impaired limb can help the brain not only strengthen existing connections between neurons, but also forge new connections. For patients with motor cortex and subcortex damage following a stroke, this means that movement therapy facilitated by the MyoPro may help the brain to use these and other nearby neurons to complete a movement as part of the relearning process.

How much does the MyoPro cost?

MyoPro is covered by many insurance plans including Medicare Advantage plans, most Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, Medicaid in some states, workers comp and the U.S. VA for qualified veterans. Myomo will work with you to help secure coverage.